Grimald, Nicholas

Grimald, Nicholas
   Born in Huntingdonshire, he attended both Cambridge and Oxford universities and became a lecturer in theology at Cambridge. He was licensed as a preacher in 1551-1552 and was chaplain to Nicholas Ridley, bishop of London. Ridley was executed in 1555 under the rule of the Catholic Queen Mary. Grimald was imprisoned in the Marshalsea but released, it is assumed because he recanted, but he returned to the Protestant faith when Elizabeth came to the throne in 1558. His friend Barnabe Googe (see entry) wrote an epitaph or elegy on Grimald, which was published in Googe's Eclogs, Epytaphes, and Sonettes (1563). Grimald contributed 40 poems to Songes and Sonettes (1557), known as Tottel's Miscellany, an anthology of contemporary poetry, which he may have edited. Some of his Latin dramas: Christus Redivivus, Comedia Tragica Sacra, 1543. Archipropheta, 1548 (a tragedy about John the Baptist). M.T. Ciceroe's Three Bookes of Dueties, 1553. Some of his poems: "Cleobulus The Lydians Riddle," "Concerning Virgils Eneids," "Description of Vertue," "Marcus Catoes Comparison of Mans Life with Yron," "Marcus Tullius Ciceroes Death," "Prayse of Measure-Kepyng."
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